My Show:
What I do at a birthday party for children is, I start an energetic, silly, crazy, magic performance filled with theatrical moments, expressions and silliness that children and adults find mesmerizing. The magic is a vehicle to let the children meet Corky. It's a time at the party where everyone stops what they are doing and honors the birthday child. The birthday child is the center of attention. I have a way of connecting with people and children. Corky warms everyone at the party. The children's imaginations are sparked due to the expression and theatrical aspect of the show. There is juggling and traditional clowning. The finale is when I get a parent or grandparent up to help produce a REAL dove. All the children get to pet her. When I am Corky, I'm not just a person dressed in a clown suit.  I am a character that comes alive in the hearts of children and adults!!!!!!!

Balloon Sculptures:
YES! I do Balloons! Birthday party or company event, church function, family reunion I do balloon art. I am able to do the smallest ladybug to the largest elephant hat. I am capable of balloon sculptures which take a little longer than the standard balloon dog. If you are interested in just balloons I am happy to do that but it does take more time to do multiple balloon creations. At a party, I find doing simple balloons quickly is best because of the children's patience level. 

Face Painting:
YES! I PAINT FACES. I do elaborate theatrical faces and I am FAST!! Take a look at my work! I paint Spiderman, princesses, pirates, dogs, cats, tigers, bunnies, mickey mouse faces, Spongebob faces, fairies, snakes, camo faces, etc. At a birthday it takes me an hour or so to accomplish the magic performance, balloon art, and face painting.